WYA Africa Interns Visit Wings of Compassion Rescue Home

Friday, July 30th, 2021 – World Youth Alliance Africa interns carried out a dignity project at Wings of Compassion Rescue Home in Roysambu, Kenya. Wings of Compassion is a home for teenage girls who have become mothers through sexual abuse. The main focus of the project was to donate sanitary towels to the girls.

The project was attended by the WYA Africa Regional Director and the WYA Africa interns and volunteers. The Director of Wings of Compassion shed light on the circumstances in which they rescued the girls, the girl’s weekly routine, the support they offer to the girls, and the challenges they experience. Cynthia Maingi, the Regional Director of WYA Africa, talked about the World Youth Alliance and potential ways the girls can be engaged, through internships, the Certified Training Program, and the Advocacy Academy.

At the end of the discussion, the Director of Wings of Compassion expressed that he would encourage the girls to sign the charter and undertake the programs at WYA. After the discussion, the World Youth Alliance team handed the sanitary towels to the director. The World Youth Alliance team is grateful to everyone who gave their donation to make the project a success.