WYA Africa "Meet and Greet" Barbecue Party



On Saturday 27th September 2014, we hosted a social event, the Meet and Greet Barbecue Party. It is easy to notice that food is actually a means to social interaction, a re-discovering of the gift of social interactions, and a time to really rest from the varied tasks we engage in daily. We had many young people come to meet and talk, and know more about the World Youth Alliance in our office compound in Nairobi.

We thank our interns and friends for putting together great food. You all should start a great food chain, think about it. A little bit of professional learning the art of great cooking will help bring in more dividends on investment in a good restaurant. We thank our members who came for the barbecue. We actually had many future WYA members, as the little children definitely could not resist coming particularly to eat good food. They actually made sure no hot dogs were left unattended.

We managed to burn some meat to expose the underlying carbon, but managed to save some with more experienced chefs in our midst. We had a lovely cuisine and gladly, everybody was happy to talk to everyone about the ordinary events going on.

We definitely signed up new members, who looked forward to more activities and engagement. Kudos to our interns and friends who organized the entire afternoon. The games were fun and the cuisine very sumptuous. Thank you for everyone who made time to come.

We now look forward to the Africa Emerging Leaders Conference next Thursday 9th and Friday 10th October. See you then.