WYA Africa: Meet Our Batch Three Interns

Rose Muthoni Wanjuki is a Kenyan citizen by birth, currently undertaking her undergraduate degree in Commerce at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. She considers herself a young professional who is not only passionate, but also a true visionary about all matters concerning human rights and gender equality, with a special focus on women empowerment and development. Her purpose and goal at World Youth Alliance is to gain knowledge and understanding on the concept of the human person, the ideologies and philosophies researched, and the readings provided on  the nature and value of the human person– all while relating it to the current happenings in society. This knowledge will further be used to emancipate the rest of society through a more practical engagement, majoring on civil education to help us view each other as beings of value, and to create a ‘perfect’ world/society that is free of discrimination based on ones gender, race, tribe or political affiliation.

Harriet Wangeci Mwaniki is a Kenyan citizen and student at The University of Nairobi. She is taking her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Sociology. She is a bubbly character, always smiling and eager to learn. She grew up in Nairobi and has a passion for young people in her community. She is a blogger, poet, writer, and enjoys reading and swimming. Her purpose at World Youth Alliance is to learn, to grow as a person, and to advocate for the well being of the human person.


We encourage you to apply to our Regional Internship in Nairobi. The Batch 1 2018 internship starts on 8th January. Watch out for the November 3rd application deadline to this batch. Send your internship applications to africa@wya.net