WYA Africa, Meet Our Interns

We would like to warmly welcome our interns for the first batch of our internship for 2015. We are honored to have them at the Africa Regional office in Nairobi. We love the diversity of culture, the  passion they have for our mission,  and experience that they bring to us.

Tany Kombate Nene KiganyI am Tany Kigany, a native of Togo – a country with small land on the western coast of Africa. I hold a Masters degree in International Relations and nourish a great passion for travel, books and social media. Traveling in different countries has brought me to meeting all kinds of people with different beliefs. Through the recognition of human disparities and the acknowledgment of culture diversity as well as human dignity, I have joined the World Youth Alliance to help educate the youth about solidarity, dignity and life.

Richard MchomeMy name is Richard Robert Mchome. I am an open-minded person. I love learning, enjoy various kinds of entertainment music movies, I enjoying laughing and going places as well as meeting new people. I got my primary and secondary education in Tanzania. After that I had volunteered to work with Tanzania Youth Alliance. I volunteered to implement HIV/AIDS prevention among the youth in high school. After that I moved to Nairobi to get my Bachelors degree of Arts in Social Science at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. I have gratefully completed my course and now doing my internship at World Youth Alliance Africa in Nairobi. I work to promote human dignity.

Natasha El KathiriNatasha El-kathiri, was born in Mombasa, a coastal island of Kenya, then moved to the capital city of Nairobi at a young age. She is an Arab living in Kenya. She recently graduated with an undergraduate in Political Science and Armed Conflict and Peace Studies from the University of Nairobi. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree she voluntarily committed herself to doing humanitarian/community work in her homeland of Mombasa before joining World Youth Alliance. Her purpose at World Youth Alliance is to encourage the Kenyan youth to acknowledge self worth in life. She is also very passionate about saving the lives of Women and Children in Kenya. Additionally, she wishes to change the perception of individuals concerning Muslim ladies.

Gladys Muthara 2Gladys Muthara is a Kenyan woman, who is very passionate about improving the quality of education in Kenya and Africa at large, in order to help address the job opportunity challenge among the young people. She derives satisfaction from initiating and actively participating in social development projects, especially those that revolve around education. She is a beneficiary of the Equity Africa Leadership Program, which mentors young Kenyans to become Global Leaders.  Gladys has participated in various social development projects ranging from student mentorship programs such as the Wings to Fly Program by Equity Group Foundation and The Flame Group, which are inclined towards education. She has volunteered with various organisations. Her passion for social development made her join World Youth Alliance where she is eager to acquire experience in implementation of projects and carrying out advocacy work. She strongly believes that ‘Each person has a responsibility towards creating a better world!’

Send us your internship applications to africa@wya.net, more details of our Internship Program here.