WYA Africa Nairobi Chapter Hosts Get-together

Saturday, July 24th, 2021 – The World Youth Alliance Africa regional office collaborated with the WYA Nairobi Chapter leaders on a highly successful World Youth Alliance Africa – Nairobi Chapter Event. The event was held at the WYA regional office at Cara’s house in Karen and was attended by 30 members residing in Nairobi.

The main aim of the event was to bring together WYA Africa Members in Nairobi to meet and enjoy a chill afternoon at the WYA Africa office as they share their WYA journeys and discuss their vision for WYA in Nairobi. This was also a great opportunity for the Chapter leaders to discuss topics on mental health.

Harriet Wangeci and Andrew Mwangi, who lead the Nairobi chapter, commenced the event with a brief introduction of themselves and their WYA journeys. This was followed by introductions from the participants who also shared their passions in life. After the introduction, Wangeci led the guests into the Ice breaker sessions where the participants played games such as charades which enabled the participants to interact freely.

After the games, the participants were treated to some snacks and later a prepared talk on mental health by Andrew and Wangeci. Questions about mental health were circulated around and distributed among groups of two to encourage participation. After the group discussion, the members shared their views on mental health based on the assigned discussion questions moderated by Andrew Mwangi. The discussion ended with a closing remark and a fun group photo.