WYA Africa RD shares some WYA insights with Emirates Staff

WYA Africa Regional Director, Patricia Gwambo, just returned to the Regional Office in Nairobi, Kenya
after some time at the Headquarters in New York, attending the ISF 2017, WYA 18th Ball, and staff training & meetings.

On board the Emirates EK 204, she was able to share WYA and its mission to some of the airline crew, an opportunity that was really important and worthwhile because the airline crew expressed interest in knowing more about WYA.

In addition to the amazing service during the flight to Dubai enroute to Nairobi, the airline crew were very receptive to WYA’s ideas, values, and mission. Albeit being a short discussion, it provides proof that the value of the human person is universal to all.

WYA recognizes the importance of sharing and recognizing the dignity of the person, and defending it in policy and promoting a culture of life.

WYA thanks Emirates Crew Jane (Kenya), Ilya (Kenya), Glenndy (The Philippines), and Kyle for providing this opportunity, and for recognizing the worth of each and every person in the world.