WYA Africa Regional Director, Patricia speaks to Teens in Thika & Ng’ong, Kenya


It’s the school holidays in Kenya and during this time, many young people are at home for about 4 weeks during the month of April. Many parents are at odds at how to engage their children, hence why programmes offering positive engagement during this period are always welcome. It was during 2 such programmes that WYA Africa was able to speak to a group of teens in Thika and Ng’ong Kenya .

On Thursday, April 19, Patricia graced Living Hope Kenya, Teens Leadership Summit, and Leadership Certification Programme in Thika, Kenya, where she spoke to a group of teens and youth on Personal Growth. The aim was to bring an understanding of their personal responsibility for this, the need to take steps, the need to make the best decisions, the need to choose a positive direction in life, and the need for guidance and mentorship. She also gave them guidance from the WYA perspective of Human Dignity, Freedom, Solidarity, and Culture to bring out the value of the human person– thus enabling them to understand how important it is to understand their own value. In so doing, they will be able to understand the objective value of others.

Patricia also discussed opportunities available to them after high school and during college, where she highlighted the WYA Africa internship and the Furaha Camp. She encouraged their experiences, and how they are common to other youth around the world, and as WYA, we represent the global voices of youth today in bringing an understanding on human dignity.

On Friday, April 20, Patrica, was at the Deliverance Church Embulbul, Ngong, Kenya, once again speaking to the teens as they concluded their Vocational Bible School (VBS) Programme. Here, she talked about the shared humanity that we all have, which is the basis of human dignity. For this reason, we all have intrinsic value. She also expounded on Freedom, getting them to understand that it is about being and not doing, as this relates to the decisions they make and how they live in the light of common good. She encouraged them to join the Furaha Camp 2018 where they can learn more about the World Youth Alliance.

It was truly an honour to grace these two programmes, and we individually appreciate the organisers, Lawrence from Living Hope, and Eliud from Deliverance, who offered us this opportunity to impart their youth positively from WYA’s values.