WYA Africa Successfully Concludes Read the CTP with the Staff Project

Friday, June 18 and Friday, June 25, 2021, World Youth Alliance Africa successfully carried out the second and the final sessions of, “Read the CTP with WYA Staff,” which featured Chapters 6 and 7 respectively, of the Certified Training Programme. The main articles of focus for the events were, William Gairdners’ “A brief History of Relativism” and  John Finnis’, “Priority of Persons”.

The Chapter 6 discussion on, A brief History of Relativism, was led by Kevin Alando, The WYA Africa Director of Operations. During the discussion, Kevin highlighted the flaws in the idea and concept of relativism which does not acknowledge absolute truth nor the concept of the guiding principles of wrong and right. Kevin mentioned that knowing right from wrong helps us know what to do, what to desire and what qualities of our character we should develop. The session was followed by an interactive question and answer session where most of the participants raised concerns about how to deal with situations where their opinions or what is considered true goes against their cultures to which Kevin responded by saying that they should always base perceptions on things that are constant like human dignity and order our steps in that direction.

Chapter 7 discussion on the Priority of Persons was led by Mislav Barisic, the Director of Advocacy at WYA Europe. Mislav shed light on the rule of law, the purpose of the law, minimum elements the law must include, and the consequences of considering law without acknowledging persons as its point. At the end of the presentation, Mislav answered questions from the participants emphasizing that, the person must be acknowledged as the point of law, or law can become an instrument of power of the strong over the weak and fail to account for the real needs of persons.  Mislav also pointed out that, only law grounded in the person can account for the complexity of human experience and channel relationships between persons. Human dignity is the only rational or non-arbitrary basis for the development of legal norms that limit, direct, and condition the actions of individuals under the law and Human dignity is the foundation of human rights and therefore the best foundation for the law itself.

World Youth Alliance Africa would like to appreciate all the members who attended the discussions and invite them to apply to join the upcoming CTP batch 3 training.