WYA Africa Explores Possible Collaboration With Kabarak University Law School










The World Youth Alliance Africa was excited to be hosted at the Kabarak University by the Kabarak Law School as we sought to increase our engagement with their law students, following an invitation from Dr. Lucianna Thuo and Dr. Fancy Too, the Dean of Law .

Kabarak University is a two and a half hour drive from Nairobi City, so in addition to it being an opportunity to introduce WYA to the faculty of Kabarak, it was a great road trip for the team. It got even better as we were given a beautiful tour of the expansive Kabarak University Campus. We were also able to sample ‘Mursik’, a traditional drink native to this region as well as one that is very healthy for people.

The meeting was truly productive as Wangeci, a current intern in batch 3 at the WYA Africa Office, and Pamella, an intern alumna and Kenya National Committee member, joined the meeting to introduce WYA. They shared their experience to the faculty, who were then able to see the great opportunities that World Youth Alliance offered to the youth in Africa and around the world.

The meeting ended with an agreement to go back in November of 2017 to give a public lecture, to further engage the students more.

We appreciate the hospitality of the Kabarak Law School and look forward to doing more together.