WYA Africa watches “The Good Lie”

Friday, July 15, 2016—People convenDSCN0035ed at World Youth Alliance Africa office to watch the movie “The Good Lie” about the true story of orphaned Sudanese children immigrating to America to build themselves a new life after their village was massacred. They lived in Kakuma refugee camp, waiting for their names to appear in the list to be airlifted to America and they formed part of the last group granted this opportunity before 9/11 occurred and the situation changed. 

It was an emotional movie that touched many people’s hearts and souls. It taught the viewers the importance of family, solidarity—both values that we learn in WYA’s Certified Training Program. After the screening, everyone was requested to give an overview of what they understood from the movie as well as the moral lesson they took from the movie. 

The WYAA staff and interns read a few key paragraphs from different excerpts on the family, solidarity and human dignity. When the session adjourned, there was networking opportunities between staff, interns, and guests.

Written by Pamella Oddotte, Batch 2 intern at the WYA Africa Regional Office