WYA Albania Implements the Dissemination Activities as part of the “Art in the Service of Solidarity” EU funded project

September 27, 2021 Tirana, Albania – WYA Albania implements the dissemination activities as part of the ”Art in the Service of Solidarity” EU funded project. The “Art in the Service of Solidarity” project was initially organized by  World Youth Alliance Southeast Europe in Zagreb, Croatia financially supported by European Solidarity Corps. The aim of the project was the resocialization and reintegration of homeless people in Zagreb. The week of the activities consisted of two workshops hosted with the marginalized group allowing them to express their world through the art of painting. The same project with the same aim and scope of work was implemented in Albania.

The scope of the activities started with visiting the main shelter of homeless people “Streheza” in Tirana to familiarize the volunteers with the homeless state in Albania and the conditions that they live in. The meeting consisted in discussing the problems that homeless people face and the mechanisms of the shelter and government to reintegrate them again into society. In the end, it was concluded with a scheduled day to host a workshop in the shelter with the homeless people.

The workshop took place on September 27 in the shelter where the volunteers were warmly hosted by the homeless people. The activity was enthusiastically greeted by them and six homeless joined to express their world through painting on the canvas and discuss with each other different topics. The activity continued for an hour followed by good communication, laughter, and great pieces of art as a form of expression of the world through their eyes.

The activity assured and reaffirmed their human dignity as described in WYA texts on human dignity and art. The awareness of society about homelessness is the first step to combating it. WYA is equipping a new generation of youngsters with the right tools to advocating for the human dignity of every human being.