WYA AP Hosts Post-ISF Discussion on Family and Economic Development


The WYA Asia Pacific office discussed family and its relationship to development during the Post International Solidarity Forum (ISF) Discussion
on June 13, 2014 at the WYA Asia Pacific office. The discussion examined the same theme as the ISF held in New York City on March 31 to April 4: The Family: Backbone of Development. WYA Asia Pacific delegates Angel dela Flor, Monique Bugnosen and Carmina Alcantara shared the lessons they learned from the speakers and their experiences meeting WYA members and staff from around the globe. 

Carmina presented highlights of Bradford Wilcox’s lecture on Family and Development and also shared her personal reflections about marriage and young people today while Monique presented learnings from David Lapp’s lecture, “What Family Means Today and Its Implications for the Future, “and Alana Newman’s lecture “The Family and New Reproductive Trends.”

Angel shared what she learned from the panel discussion “On the Frontlines: Protecting the Family” and from Sherif Girgis’ lecture on “The Family in the 21st Century: Challenges and Threats.” She also shared personal reflections on challenges and threats to the family that are present in today’s world. Angel shared with participants that communication remains key to family unity. “We should never say ‘never’ and ‘always’, give help to each family, never insult them, and focus on the things we can agree on,” Angel shared. “Your family should be your priority. Unity is the essence of the family,” she added.

WYA Asia Pacific Regional Director Lord Pomperada concluded the discussions by sharing his personal reflections on how the definition of love and the value of marriage have changed through the years. He added a reminder that many success stories still exist regarding the family, and that these stories should inspire and motivate young people today. Lord also invited the attendees to take part in the 3rd WYA Asia Pacific Emerging Leaders Conference Strengthening the Family: Key to Asia Pacific Development, which will take place October 16-18 in Manila, Philippines.

The program ended with a reading of the World Youth Alliance Declaration on Family and Economic Development by WYA Asia Pacific ISF delegates, WYA members, and event attendees.

If you are interested in joining the WYA Asia Pacific delegation at next year’s International Solidarity Forum or participating or volunteering at this year’s WYA Asia Pacific Emerging Leaders Conference, you may send inquiries to asiapacific@wya.net