WYA applauds European Parliament resolution on forced abortion in China

(Brussels, Thursday, July 5)—The European Parliament passed a resolution on Wednesday condemning the practice of forced abortion and sterilization both in China and around the world. The World Youth Alliance (WYA) applauds the EP’s strong condemnation of such human rights abuses and expresses its thanks to Alojz Peterle and Charles Tannock, both authors of the resolution, for defending human rights and human dignity.

Notably, the resolution urges the European Commission to review its funding of projects in China to ensure that no Budget money is allocated to coercive reproductive health policies and programs there. “This provision is critical because it recognizes that Commission funding may be playing a role in the violation of internationally recognized human rights in China,” Juan Ignacio Fernandez Torres, WYA Europe’s Director of Advocacy, said. He continued, “As Mr. Peterle and Mr. Tannock indicated during debate on the resolution, European taxpayers must know where their money is going. The Commission must set up a full-scale investigation of the organizations and programs that receive its funding for reproductive health and family planning purposes in China.”

The resolution also emphasizes the right of all women to public health care and notes that the aim of family planning programs is to enable people to make free and informed decisions about the number and spacing of their children. The resolution highlights the gender imbalance created by China’s one-child policy. According to Zaborska, an EPP MEP strongly in favor of the resolution “we need to find out why this young women was kidnap and forced to undergo an abortion, the reason, of course, is family planning in China.”

The resolution is inspired by the case of Feng Jianmei, a Chinese woman who was seven months pregnant when she was forced to undergo an abortion by local authorities after refusing to pay a fine for having a second child. The World Youth Alliance has been involved in the development of this resolution since news of Feng’s forced abortion reached the world in June.