WYA applauds European Patent Office Decision

The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office issued a decision on November 27, 2008 denying patents for inventions which necessarily involve the use and destruction of human embryos. The European Patent Office (EPO) had originally denied the patent and that decision was appealed.

The Enlarged Board of Appeal stated that the European Patent Convention does not allow for the patenting of embryonic stem cell research because the procedure necessarily destroys human embryos.

The World Youth Alliance had issued a letter in support of the original EPO decision and encouraged the Board of Appeal to follow previous European Parliament Directives and the binding European Patent Convention. The decision of the Board of Appeal is in keeping with European law and upholds the dignity of the human person, especially at the earliest stages of life. WYA received a thank you letter from the EPO for our ‘amicus curie brief’.

WYA members from Germany also sent personal letters to the EPO Secretariat based in Munich. We thank them for this courageous and effective act!

To view the Enlarged Board of Appeal Decision, go here: www.epo.org

See World Youth Alliance Press Release in english and german.