WYA Arrives to Chile with the 1st Emerging Leaders Conference Chile

(SANTIAGO DE CHILE – August 29th, 2012) On August 23rd and 24th World Youth Alliance Latin America held the first Emerging Leaders Conference in Chile. The Opening Ceremony was held at the Andes University and the seminar took place at the Catholic University in Santiago de Chile, where young people from Chile gathered to discuss about Sustainable Development and the relation to the human person.

The Conference, with the title in Spanish “Desarrollo Sustentable, ¿Qué tienen que ver las personas?” brought participants through the different lectures to a vision of Sustainable Development where the person is at the center of concerns and invited participants to be active citizens in the achievement of a sustainable society by integrating the economic, social and environmental pillars of development in their daily lives.

Everything started on the evening of Thursday at the Andes University with a conference by the Mayor of the Municipality of Puente Alto, where he shared with the participants the importance of creating public policies that care about all the dimensions of the person. The conference was followed by the string quartet Scherzo, integrated by young musicians. 

On the morning of Friday August 24th, the Conference continued at the Catholic University of Chile starting with Fernando Álvarez, WYA Alumni. Fernando shared his experience at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, as a young delegate and explained to the audience about WYA´s advocacy work; he also highlighted the importance of young people´s participation on public policies.  

Following we had the participation of Matías Petersen, Academic from the Andes University, who talked about the need of a more humanistic approach of economics.Through a panel, we had the presence of Sebastián Zulueta, Executive Director of América Solidaria, and Martín Andrade, National Coordinator of Urban Parks, who shared their experiences as social actors and the importance of young people contributing to their communities´ improvement. 

After lunch we had the presence of Catalina Canales, Social Action Coordinator of Andes University and founder of “Alimentando una Sonrisa”  an initiative where young people gather on Saturdays to feed and clean the homeless. We had the presence of Pablo Varas from IdeaPaís and Julio Isamit from Res Publica, young leaders who are active participants on Chile´s politics and are also training the future leaders of the country.

To conclude the Conference, the WYA member and Ph.D. student in Energy , Víctor Julio Martínez, talked about how the use of resources such as energy must always have the person´s concerns as a priority in order to build a successful society.


World Youth Alliance Latin America thanks all of those who helped to plant the seed of our work in Chile!
 For all those who couldn´t attend Emerging Leaders Conference in Costa Rica or Chile, don´t miss our Latin America Emerging Leaders Conference in Mexico City on October 12th and 13th.