WYA Asia Pacific Director Conducts Leadership Workshop for Abra and Binongan Indigenous Youth


WYA Asia Pacific Director Lord Pomperada conducted a one day leadership workshop as part of the 1st Abra Province Youth Leaders Camp themed “Building a New Generation of Citizens as Catalysts for Social Change” on May 26, 2014 at the Municipality of Licuan-Baay, Province of Abra.

Pomperada presented an introductory session before the workshop. He also shared some WYA Track A lessons such as Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl and Men without Chests by CS Lewis to inspire the participants to become responsible leaders.

During the leadership workshop, Pomperada presented 8 secrets of Changemakers such as learning from failure, humility, starting small, practicing one’s craft, learning to work with a team, creativity, thinking outside the box, dreaming big, paying it forward, and doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. He also shared stories of inspiration and personal reflections to the participants.

Pomperada was also the guest speaker for the Cultural and Solidarity Night of the program on May 25. He challenged the participants to dare to fail. He inspired youth campers by sharing his personal stories and reflected on learning from personal mistakes and failures to succeed in life.

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