WYA Asia Pacific Names Participants to This Year’s Summer Camp

Out of almost one hundred applications from around the Asia Pacific region, 27 participants were named as participants to the 2014 World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Summer Camp which will be held from May 11 to 15 at Palm Beach Resort, Province of Batangas Philippines.

The WYAAP Summer Camp is an exciting program that provides an enjoyable and active environment for young people to learn about the concept of human dignity and its importance to development.

Below are the official WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp participants:


Areño, Kirstie Anne

Barraca, Milarose

Barredo, John Sebastian

Cacho, Luis Miguel

Dalipe, Elijshah

De Guzman, Danielle Therese

De Guzman, Raphael Joshua

Dongallo, Reuben

Eribal, Rogin Christ

Flores, Maria Katrina

Gonzales, Ana Mariela

Gopun, Caila Venice

Madiz, Camille Clare

Magdaluyo, Randy


Manaloto, Francis

Oun, Phalleaphy

Panes, Ryan Christopher

Pen, Ratha

Porras, Kiana Katherine

Superable, Jan Miko

Tan, Jian Dominic

Tibayan, Jennifer

Tupas, Ma. Hannah

Ung, Ivhong

Vista, Faye Angely

Yanto, Risdi

Yeo, Joseph