WYA Asia Pacific’s Newest Young Recruit

The staff of WYA Asia Pacific get to meet tons of young, energetic, passionate young people all the time. One of our
newest members is Tonyboy Mejia from Iligan City (Philippines). Allow us to introduce to you this talented young man who rides the waves. For sure he’ll be making making waves in the future as well…

hi im maximo antonio e. mejia you can call me tonyboy. i am 10 years old.i still wear braces.  i was born on may 16,1996 at the bellevue hospital in new york city,u.s.a. right now, i live in iligan city. i am in the 5th grade at lanao chung hua school. i like playing video games, pokemon, sleeping, reading short books, surfing, skateboarding, swimming watching t.v. and movies, making arts and crafts,and playing computer games. i dont like the dark, trying new things to eat.   i like world youth alliance because it impacts culture in a good way.

Hope to see you again when we go back to Mindanao, Tonyboy!!! 🙂 Maybe next time, you can teach us how to surf!