WYA Austria and WYA Italy hold Youth Dialogue Solidarity Forum

May 19, 2021 – WYA Austria successfully held the 9 day online project ‘Youth Dialogue Solidarity Forum’ supported by the Erasmus+ program.

The project was originally scheduled to take place in the historical city of Vienna, however, due to the continuing travel restrictions all over Europe the project was finally held online via video conferencing from May 1st until May 9th with partner organisations from Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. 36 youth leaders and 6 speakers from all over Europe joined the video calls for the duration of the project, participating in structured dialogues and discussions on the challenges faced by youth with migrant and refugee backgrounds.

The project was a huge success and as a result, the participants made amendments to the Declaration on Migration and Development from the perspectives of various Interest Groups, such as – Education, Health, Social and Economic Integration and Protection of Minors. As part of the dissemination, the final draft of the Declaration will be put to vote and sent to the Members of European Parliament who joined us for the event.

When asked whether they would recommend this event to others, one of the participants shared the following: “Yes. It is rarer and rarer to have a forum in which discussion of fracturing current issues develop without being cancelled. Moreover, this interchange of information from people with different perspectives never lost sight from the crucial starting point for this kind of debate. That is, of course, human dignity..”

More information about this project and the ones to come as a result can be found on Facebook
(@WYAAustria) and Instagram (@wya_austria).