WYA Austria Hosts You(th) Matter

02-04 MAY 2019, VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Last week, a World Youth Alliance Austria 4-day Erasmus+ project on the European elections called “You(th) Matter” in Vienna was attended by the WYA Europe team. It has always been important for WYA to reach young people from every social, educational and economic background from across the world and to equip them with the knowledge of the functioning of democratic institutions and decision – making processes. This is the reason WYA Austria organized the Youth Matter project: to raise awareness among young people of the importance of voting in regards to the upcoming European elections. Because You(th) do matter!

42 young persons from Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Croatia, Spain and Germany participated in the three-day event. They came together to talk about youth issues and took the opportunity to discuss their views and together reflect on how they could shape the future of Europe.

Through various workshops (like European Elections Simulation, Media, Do It Yourself Campaigns), participants were able to learn more about the upcoming Elections and about the European Union’s institutions, operations and procedures as well as the voting systems in the elections. With the help of an expert working at the Office of the European Parliament in Austria, the participants had an opportunity to learn about political and media activities focusing on the EU campaigns.

Thanks to the participants’ enthusiasm the project went according to plan and they also developed connections that went further than just colleagues who learned something together on a project. On the final day, each participant received their Youthpass certificate to confirm the competences they gained in the course of the project.