WYA Board Member, Dr. Flanigan, assists in efforts to battle Ebola outbreak

Dr. Timothy P. Flanigan, WYA Board Member, is currently in Monrovia, Liberia, to assist in efforts to battle the Ebola outbreak. He is helping efforts to reopen hospitals, training volunteer teams to service several parts of the country.

"Since general medical care is not currently available, the average person is more likely to die of malaria, dysentery, pneumonia, heart attack, or other infections as opposed to Ebola. On the other hand health care workers can’t do their job unless the PPE (personal protective equipment), and proper training is available. Hopefully I’ll be able to help in the coordination of opening the hospital for general care,"said Dr. Flanigan.


If you want to read more about all the work he is doing in Monrovia, visit his blog: http://www.timothypflaniganmd.com/

Thank you, Dr. Flanigan, you are a true example of courage and solidarity.