WYA Celebrates International Day of Girl Child

New York  – The World Youth Alliance is celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child by highlighting the role of family in helping young girls face the challenges of life.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child states that children, "for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, shoul grow up in a family environmet, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and unerstanding"?

Meet our members from around the world and see what they have to say about the role of family in their own lives. Click on the thumbnails or their names to view the image as a bigger poster.

Feel free to post on Facebook, Tweet it, email it to friends. Tell the world how much you agree that the family plays an important role in protecting and promoting the full evelopment of the girl child!

Vanessa Minsari Ogega,
18 years old, Kenya
Fiona Pitt,
22 years old, United Kingdom
Farah Zahra
19 years old, Lebanon
Catalina Romero
22 years old, Mexico

Jacinta Zaw-Tun

16 years old, Canada