WYA Chapter in Madrid Launched!

Ms. Anna Halpine (WYA Founder), Mr. Obadiah Ndaba (WYA President), Mr. Juan Ignacio Fernández Torres (WYA Director of Advocacy in Brussels) and Ms. Consuelo Martinez Priego (Doctor of Philosophy and Psychology) inaugurated a new chapter of World Youth Alliance in Madrid. The ceremony was held on October 18th at the Fine Arts and attended by various personalities from the world of politics and culture.

The meessage of World Youth Alliance finally reached Madrid on a bais of popular movement of young people convinced that ‘something must be done.’ These creative young leaders want to get inolved in civil society in order to make their voices heard and change the world.  

In 1999 this coalition of young people began the adventure of promoting human dignity and promote solidarity among youth from developed and developing countries. Since then there have been many actions taken to assist in building free and just societies through the culture of life. The WYA has had a rapid and effective expansion worldwide. This resulted in the establishment of offices in New York (headquarters), Beirut, Brussels, Manila, Mexico City and Nairobi. The WYA, in collaboration with key international decision makers, especially the United Nations and the European Union, has developed concrete proposals in politics and culture.