WYA Chapters empower communities around the world

“I joined World Youth Alliance because I want to become an agent of change in my community and make a difference in the lives of other people especially to my fellow youth. Through the WYA Chapter in our school, I’m able to promote human dignity to my fellow schoolmates.”

Internship Africa2

Upon signing the WYA Charter, many new members get excited to be involved in the mission and work of WYA of promoting human dignity. Many of them participate in WYA’s Internship Program and projects like the Summer Camp and the Emerging Leaders Conference. While some of them decide to undergo WYA’s free online Certified Training Program, a collection of texts that provide the philosophical underpinnings for the mission of WYA and presents a summary of philosophical, historical, and modern day texts that focus on the dignity of the person and human rights.

Many of the members who have completed the training and participated in WYA’s projects are motivated by the mission and continue to promote human dignity by starting WYA Chapters in their schools and countries.  WYA Chapters are driven by the initiatives of WYA members who put their passion for human dignity into action. A Chapter is an officially approved local branch of WYA members who volunteer to manage various activities in support of the WYA mission.

How are WYA Chapters making a difference around the world?

Let’s hear some of their stories and initiatives.

Freedom and Responsibility

WYA Croatia 2 WYA Croatia 1

WYA Croatia Chapter held its annual WYA Week in partnership with WYA Europe from November 16-22, 2015. The major highlight during the weeklong project was a WYA Conference that explored the theme Freedom and Responsibility: Youth Solutions for Today’s Problems. The theme was derived from the third chapter of WYA’s Certified Training Program, which discusses man’s inner freedom and the idea of  freedom for excellence, which is the type of freedom to do not only what you want but to also achieve excellence and attain values.

The week long event, which aimed to familiarize young people with decision-making in different levels and to restore the confidence of young people in the functioning of democratic institutions and political decision-making on all of these levels, gathered over 500 attendees it its open events. Additionally, different workshops were also held to empower young people in the labor market, to introduce measures for their active employment, and to connect young people with fewer opportunities and those who are socially active, in order to exchange experiences.

Community and Sharing

Cathedral High SchoolWestbridge 1

Our younger members also lead WYA Clubs in their high schools. “I feel very excited in opening the WYA Club in our school in Westbridge. Our main priority as of now is to introduce WYA and its ideals to our schoolmates including its mission and history. After that, we will proceed with our projects including a feeding program to our adopted community,” Jian Tan, Club leader, shares.

Aside from their monthly discussions on human dignity, the WYA Clubs are also active in community outreach projects.  Last quarter, the WYA Cathedral High School Club participated in a Breakfast Run Program and provided meals for the homeless and the poor in New York City. And they’re having their second run of the project next month. While the WYA PAREF Woodrose Club gathered donations for their Christmas gift giving project to families of their adopted community.

Family and Solidarity


The WYA University of the Philippines Visayas Chapter held its first Dignity Project last September 27, 2015 at the SOS Children’s Villages in Zarraga, Iloilo. They spent an entire afternoon with the children teaching them about the importance good hygiene and nutrition in relation to human dignity. “If we recognize our self-worth, we take care of our bodies, enabling us to live longer and do more for the world we live in,” Chapter leader Rejean Darroca shared.

The WYA Mexico City Chapter also joined the Caravana de Madres Centroamericanas during the second week of December to promote human dignity to the mothers. The Caravana is a journey that mothers from all over Central America (mainly from Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras) take part of to look for their long lost sons and daughters that migrated towards the US through Mexico. Many of whom have been missing for over 8 years. The idea of the event was to give the mothers a great time and share with them near the holiday season. The mothers were very pleased with the support that the WYA members were giving in a selfless manner.

Track A Training

These are just some of the many inspiring stories and meaningful projects that our WYA Chapters have initiated to put their passion of human dignity into action. If you are a young person with a strong desire to promote human dignity while making a positive impact in the society, we’re looking for you. We invite you to undergo WYA’s Certified Training Program and open a WYA Chapter in your school or city after you’ve successfully completed the training.

WYA believes that we need to empower people at every level so that they can lead development efforts. Because of the generous contribution of our WYA members and friends, we are able to touch the lives of so many young people. We hope you will continue to support WYA. Give WYA a gift today or you may contact the regional offices if you want to support the WYA Chapters.