WYA Christmas Cultural Round Robin Monday 3rd December 2012

The WYA Christmas Round Robin was designed as a guinea-pig event to inspire WYA members and friends in Brussels in an expression of human dignity through culture at Christmas time. Participants were invited to present how Christmas is celebrated in their culture through activities, cooking and crafts, and to teach this skill or activity to other members.

The evening kicked off with Juan Ignacio Fernandez Torres, Director of Advocacy for WYA Europe, introducing the principle concepts of World Youth Alliance and what it means to have human dignity. He explained that human rights can only be based on the understanding that each human being possesses intrinsic human dignity. Culture, he explained, is a means of expressing our dignity.

The event was an overwhelming success, with over 30 participants from a whole host of countries, religions and backgrounds. We had individuals from Moldova, Greece, Poland, UK, Germany and France who shared their tales and personal experiences of Christmas.

Agnes King, Director of Operations, led an activity cooking pecan pies and mince pies as an expression the UK and American cultures. The Czech Republic was represented by Tereza Kaplanova and John Hager who made little walnut shell boats with candles that when floated on the water can help predict your future. Former WYA intern, Marion Dinand, led an amazing French chocolate fondue experience, and Alex Gaus from Germany showed us how to make origami Christmas stars!

The evening was a great success and allowed people to learn more about World Youth Alliance, and for participants to explore the concept of human dignity. A special thank you goes to the WYA Europe team for their hard work in organizing the event, and to all the participants for their contribution and enthusiasm to the evening. We hope this will be an event that will continue for years to come, and one that will be shared by other WYA chapters worldwide.