WYA Community Celebrates the Big 20

The World Youth Alliance celebrated its 20th year in the company of its valuable staff, members, and alumni on the tail end of March. The grand birthday weekend comprised of a special film screening, the WYA 20 Ball, and a brunch.


WYA staff, members, and alumni celebrated the evening before the ball with a special WYA 20 Documentary film screening entitled, “Not For Profit”. The film was created by incoming WYA Creative Director, Clare Halpine. It highlights WYA’s 20 year journey and showcases the different stories of the founding directors and active members from around the globe. A trailer of the film may be viewed in the WYA Global Facebook page.


On March 30th, everyone gathered at the Lotos Club, New York City to formally toast WYA’s 20th year. Over 170 guests were present to commemorate the great progress the organization has had in defending the dignity of the person through the years. The Kathryn Hoomkwap award was presented to the 12 founding directors from Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America region. A token of appreciation was also given to WYA Founder Anna Halpine during the opening ceremony. They capped off the weekend with a brunch at the WYA Headquarters, allowing members and friends to reconnect before departing.


We are deeply grateful for everyone who have supported WYA’s mission over the past twenty years. We look forward to celebrating another decade (and beyond!) with our growing family of dignity defenders.