WYA Completes Advocacy Academy Pilot

Training program to launch in regions in 2021

September 29, 2020 – World Youth Alliance is pleased to announce the successful completion of a pilot program of its Advocacy Academy. Twelve trainees completed the program, which was held in June and July. WYA Europe led the pilot implementation which involved trainees from five regions. Active, certified members who have leadership roles in national committees and chapters were invited to join the pilot.

Building on previous training programs, the restructured and expanded Advocacy Academy teaches trainees about key policy questions and WYA’s dignity-based responses to them. Each session tackled two of WYA’s white papers (available here). WYA Europe Director of Advocacy Mislav Barišić facilitated discussions via web conference. Each week, participants learned about global issues and from each other. The training program concluded with an exam.

Participants felt that the program helped them understand the white papers and their exploration of international policies. Many noted in course feedback how much they learned from each other, in addition to learning about international law. One trainee found the “open and interactive discussions” helpful. Another appreciated the “discussion with other wise and smart young people from around the globe, interesting and useful information that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise, good grounds for further education on WYA topics and the most important [I] gained [the] ability to argue WYA values.”

WYA thanks its trainees for their diligent preparation, thoughtful engagement, and flexibility with this new program and format. Their feedback is being used to improve and finalize the program content. 

The Advocacy Academy is the newest element in WYA’s efforts to equip active members to have an impact on their communities, nations, and the world. WYA expects to offer the Advocacy Academy in more regions in 2021. Applicants will be accepted on the basis of active participation in WYA and completion of the Certified Training Program. You learn more about WYA’s positions through reading the white papers, which are available on our website. Additional advocacy training programs are under development.