WYA Croatia Announces 6th WYA Week

From November 19-23, the 6th WYA Week organized by the World Youth Alliance Croatia will be held in Zagreb. The five-day conference aims to ask the question “What do young people in Croatia need to do?” in the field of culture, employment, social responsibility and women’s rights.

The conference will open with a debate on the role and the rights of women in modern society on the 19th of November (Monday) in the „Mesnička“ Cultural Center. The speakers are composed of two successful young women, wives and mothers, Ivana Foretić and Karla Ressler, and one of the founders of the World Youth Alliance Croatia, Hrvoje Vargić.

On the 20th, the topic of (self) employment will be under the spotlight at the co-working space BIZkoshnica with Verynice.co founder, Matthew Manos, and Innovation company Prokotip. Young people will have the opportunity to tailor their business ideas and to familiarize themselves with business models through interactive workshops. Due to the limited number of participants this event will allow, those interested are required to fill up an application.

After topics on business, the next discussions will be on culture. Thousands of young people participated in the cultural content research conducted by the World Youth Alliance Croatia. Results will be represented on the 20th of November in the Mesnička Cultural Center. Through a moderated conversation about culture as a hustle or hassle, young people will show a new face of cultural content that will delight and draw the attention of the young audience.

In the thrill of information, media and ideological manipulation, it is a challenge to understand the ideas and processes that are shaping today’s society and to work to articulate solutions to specific problems. In the context of freedom of thought and authentic attitudes, the organizers will launch a discussion in the company of Aleksandar Musić, Valentino Findrik, and Marijan Knezović on the 21st of November at the Hall of the Rectorate of the University of Zagreb.

WYA Croatia Evening represents the closure of WYA week. Here, you can meet the people behind the conference and join the celebration of the Chapter’s six-year performance. The evening begins at 7 in the evening at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Kačićeva 26. Tickets may be accessed here.

The 19th to 23rd of November marks the 6th WYA Week, especially created for Croatian youth. Don’t forget to follow WYA Croatia on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.