WYA Croatia Chapter strengthens programs, receives recognition

The WYA Croatia Chapter has lately been doing a lot to expand WYA’s mission. In the last two months, the Chapter developed strategies and projects aimed at national pro-birth policy and creating a supportive environment for young families in Croatia. Furthermore, they worked intensively on the improvement of language related to human rights and the implementation of learned skills through advocacy activities (Suprotiva et al.).

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Beginning the pilot version of the HDC in Croatia

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WYA Croatia meets with the Minister of Education

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Former WYA Croatia President Marin Vipauc meets with the Minister of Social Policy and Youth Ms Juretić.

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WYA Croatia Chapter receives the Special Rector’s Award last June 17, 2016.

The Chapter recently engaged in lobbying with government officials and dialogue with the “opposing side” on youth issues. The Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) program has entered the competition for two national grants provided for informal education and prevention of violence among children and youth programs. The WYA Croatia team also met with the Minister for Education to discuss the HDC and received great interest and support.

On it’s third year, WYA Croatia was recognized by the University of Zagreb with the Rector’s Award and a financial grant for its outstanding projects . The Chapter received the recognition from the President of the Republic of Croatia.

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WYA Croatia participates in the First National March for Life in Croatia last May 21, 2016.

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Prirok’s round table: Croatian Young Lyric 2014 vs. Croatian Young Lyric 2

The Chapter also welcomes 40 new Certified Members adding up to a total number of 76 Certified Members in the country who are very eager to participate in social advocacy and different projects. WYA Croatia also sent members to the Europe Regional Internship, New York International Internship and the 2016 European Arts Forum.

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Moving forward, the Chapter plans to to start a new youth platform in Croatia gathered around WYA values and principles. In addition, they also plan to connect with other organisations with similar goals in the neighboring countries and their inclusion into our WYA projects with an aim of promoting the model of national WYA chapters will be one of our priorities in the upcoming period.

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To continue making a difference and the outstanding work that they have done, WYA Croatia invites you to gift a gift to support their financial needs. They also welcome in kind donations including a possible new working space and office equipment. Any support is great appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

You may reach WYA Croatia through croatia@wya.net for possible partnerships and donations.