WYA Croatia Holds 2nd Summer School on Bioethics and Human Rights

July 29-August 4 2019, Šibenik, Croatia – World Youth Alliance Croatia Chapter organized their second Summer School on Bioethics and Human Rights.

In  the week of 29th of July to 4th of August, the city of Šibenik (Croatia) hosted the Summer School of Bioethics and Human Rights for the second time. The School gathered 40 participants, mostly from the University of Zagreb, as well as 8 lecturers from the fields of medical studies, philosophy and law, among whom were Hrvoje Vargić, Director of Partnerships for the World Youth Alliance Foundation, and Mislav Barišić, the Regional Director of Advocacy for WYA Europe. The purpose of the School was to educate the participants on the important matters such as the value of life, intrinsic dignity of every individual human being, as well as on the bioethical topics like abortion, the right to conscientious objection and euthanasia, from all of the above mentioned aspects.

During the six days of the program, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the topics from the distinguished experts of their respective fields, and to improve their advocacy skills and public appearance in the debate workshops. Aside from the formal part of the project, every day the participants had the the chance to visit the city or the beach.

“Summer School of Bioethics is a great place for all young people willing to learn new things about bioethical topics, have some fun, and all of that in the beautiful city of Šibenik. Your knowledge will be expanded by experts from different spheres of bioethics and also by other young people willing to share their opinions and arguments. Furthermore, you can meet new people and strengthen friendships. Overall, an amazing experience which can enrich your life”, said Katarina Božić, one of the participants of the School.

WYA Croatia plans to continue the organization of the Summer School next year, and to thus continue advancing the WYA mission of educating young people, equipping them with knowledge and motivation for making a difference in their own communities.

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