WYA Croatia Holds General Assembly, Elects New Leadership

Past and future leadership of WYA Croatia: Šimun Lončarević, Kristina Samadržić, Lucija Ćorić, Tamara Bodor, Antun Pfeifer, Marija Vujeva

Saturday, July 1, 2017—WYA Croatia held its annual General Assembly. This year’s General Assembly was an electoral one since it was the end of the 2-year mandate for the Chapter leaders. An earlier date was set for the former leaders to train the new set of leaders, helping them transition to their new positions, which will officially start in September.

Two weeks prior, the majority of 80 active members casted their votes to nominate their peers for the leadership positions in the organization. More than 10 of the most committed members were nominated for the positions of President, Vice-president, Secretary, and the President of the Ethical Committee.

Šimun Lončarević, the current Vice-president, was elected President with an overwhelming majority of votes. He follows Lucija Ćorić who took leadership of the Chapter in difficult times and helped it to professionalize, expand membership, and develop new projects and activities.

“In the beginning I felt unworthy of this role, but the support of my friends in WYA Croatia helped me to grow and overcome many obstacles. If there is something I gave to WYA, the things I received in return outnumber them significantly. I don’t know what I will do in 5, 10, 20 years time, but these two years I will remember as golden ones,” Lucija shared with us.

Kristina Samardžić was elected for the Vice-president position. She is known to be one of the most proactive members in the Chapter. “She’s the spirit and the originator of majority of the activities,” some members shared about Kristina.

Also, after a double mandate Tamara Bodor was replaced by Anita Dekanić in the position of the Secretary. Earlier this year, Tamara received the Viktor Frankl Award for being an outstanding WYA member. She was also the only employee of the Chapter for more than two years.

Beginning September, Tamara will continue to pursue her PhD, which opened the gate for another important change in the organization. After Tamara anounced she will leave the full-time position in WYA Croatia, the Executive Board of the Chapter held a selection for the empty vacancy. Among several members who applied, the current leader of the HDC team, Andreja Kotnik was selected to replace Tamara as a staff member. Andreja is known for her organizational and project management skills, as well as a strong leadership. She will start working in September.

Finally, Antun Pfeifer finished his mandate as a Treasurer. The position of a Treasurer was removed from the official Statutes afterwards, so Antun will continue working as a leader of the Finance team. The new position of the President of the Ethics Committee was introduced for which Marija Vujeva from the Legal team was elected.

WYA is extremely thankful to Lucija, Tamara, and Antun for the significant mark they left in WYA in the previous years. We also want to congratulate Šimun, Kristina, Anita, Andreja and Marija for their new leadership positions and are looking forward to the bright future WYA has in Croatia!