WYA Croatia presents HDC at Zagreb International Conference

“Children learn a lot both from their parents and their teachers. This does not only include the teaching of facts but as well as values. Both parents and teachers share a responsibility of shaping young minds and raising future citizens of this world,” Lea Potočar from the WYA Croatia Chapter said when she presented WYA’s Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) program at an International Conference held in Zagreb, Croatia held from October 21-22, 2016.

The conference aimed to share experiences and offer successful examples of teachers and parents working together in early primary education. “Teaching values can be really challenging. There are two main reasons for this. First, the parents and teachers need to agree on the values that they want the students to learn and live. And second if that both parents and teachers need to think of how to effectively teach them,” Lea shared. 

Lea Potocar representing WYA at the conference

Lea Potocar representing WYA at the conference


“For the primary reason, the solution is for the parents to clearly decide which values they cherished and to find a school that nurtures the same values. This might sound simple but it’s definitely not,” Lea adds. To address the second challenge, Lea presented WYA’s HDC in teaching young people values and how to live them in their lives.
“The HDC is an innovative program that focuses on personal development and informed decisions related to students’ sexuality based on an understanding of themselves, and in respect of their own human dignity and the dignity of others. Each lesson focuses on the “big picture” theme of how a proper understanding of the human person leads to human flourishing—helping students to understand and develop healthy habits, good decision-making skills, and a strong sense of meaning and purpose,” Lea shares as she talks about the HDC and her experience.

WYA Croatia held a successful pilot implementation of the HDC program last February, 2016. Lea presented the results and evaluation of their pilot of the curriculum to the attendees. “There is a great need of recognizing universal human values in this world and HDC can answer that need. Many of the Croatian youth recognized this need and is closely working with WYA to expand the implementation of the curriculum in Croatia,” Lea shared. 

If you’d like to learn more about the HDC program, you may click here or email education@wya.net.