WYA Croatia Starts the Project : “Active Citizens for Re-socialization of the Excluded”

World Youth Alliance Croatia started with the implementation of the project “Active citizens for re-socialization of the excluded”, co-financed by the European Social Fund, which has the aim of providing students with the opportunity of socially useful learning and connecting higher education institutions with civil society organizations, so that the method of socially useful learning becomes one of the usual daily options for students.

Socially Useful Learning (SUL) is the proposition for closing the gap between the knowledge and skills which students learned in college and skills needed in everyday jobs. Through this project, students and volunteers become active drivers of social change and gain experience of working in their profession already during their studies. Practical experience in designing and conducting research while creating and implementing solutions to certain problems in society are only some of the competencies that this project provides. The SUL method puts the student on the labour market, provides knowledge about the functioning of the society and all its components, and creates concrete changes in the local community we live in and where we want to facilitate changes. Once a small group of active individuals solves the problem in the local community, relying on their own strengths, then with specific knowledge, skills and real experience, they are ready to embark on to the realization of their visions, this time based on the reality in which they are recognized as creators and carriers of change.

For more information, please contact:  akt.gradani@gmail.com

Written by Ana Maria Mihinica, WYA Croatia Project Manager. The project is co-financed by the EU from the European Social Fund. The content of the article is the responsibility of the author.