WYA Ethiopia Chapter Conducts a successful Webinar on “Satyagraha”

March 26, 2021 – World Youth Alliance Africa Ethiopia Chapter hosted the WYA Ethiopia Solidarity Call in collaboration with the Africa regional office. The webinar was organized based on the writing of Mahatma Gandhi “Satyagraha: Not Passive Resistance” where participants discussed the virtues of becoming a satyagrahi in present times in order to give hope to youth in Ethiopia in light of the conflict and strife that has taken place in the country. The event equipped the participants with the deep understanding and skills of standing against injustices in a peaceful and non-violent way.

The event started with a brief introduction from the WYA Africa Regional Director, Cynthia Maingi, followed by the main speaker, Tamrat Belachew, the WYA Ethiopia Chapter leader.  Tamrat talked about the reading by Gandhi which states that “Satyagraha is pure soul-force. Truth is the very substance of the soul. That is why this force is called satyagraha. The soul is informed with knowledge. In it burns the flame of love. If someone gives us pain through ignorance, we shall win him through love. ‘Non-violence is the supreme dharma’ is the proof of this power of love. Non-violence is a dormant state. In the waking state, it is love. Ruled by love, the world goes on

After a wonderful presentation by Tamrat, the webinar ended with a question and answers segment after which Cynthia thanked all the participants and asked them to get involved with the World Youth Alliance and to do the Certified Training Program in order to learn more about the human person.