WYA Europe at International Confererence on Human Dignity at Romanian Parliament

On the 26th of September 2013, World Youth Alliance Europe participated at the International Conference on Human Dignity and organized the workshop, entitled "The Role of Youth in promoting Human Dignity", event held at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania.  One of the main speakers at the conference,  Obadias Ndaba, President of WYA represented the global voice of our one million members from around the world committed to defend and promote the dignity of the human person. The thematic workshop was organized by WYA Europe and moderated by Victor A. Ciumac, WYA Europe Advocacy Fellow and the leader of WYA Romania.  Young political and civil society leaders both from Romania and international had the opportunity to interact with a panel of speakers from various professional and educational backgrounds. Among them it is important to mention, Mr. Angel Tilvar MP, the Chairman of The Committee for Education, Youth and Sport, in the Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies; Honorable Aurel Vainer MP, The President of The Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania,  who spoke about the link between entrepreneurship and dignity; Daniel Wisniewski, The Regional Director of the World Youth Alliance Europe, presented the World Youth Alliance Advocacy Model both at the UN and at the EU and Mr. Lucian Viscotel, highlighted the importance of non-formal education in the overall framework of youth development in Romania.  At the event where also present WYA Romania local leaders, Marcel Raul Goldenberg, from Botosani City in Northern Romania, Stanislav Adam and Adrian Mugurel Jugaru from Bucharest.

The event marked the beginning of a new chapter in the development of a strong youth voice for dignity in Romania represented by the World Youth Alliance.