WYA Europe certifies 25 new trainers in 10 countries

This 2019, World Youth Alliance (WYA) Europe, together with its sub-regional Southeast Europe Office, trained 25 new trainers in 10 European WYA Chapters.

WYA Europe recorded a significant rise in number of national chapters, membership and youth activities in Europe last year. Because of that, starting with this year WYA established its first sub-regional office – World Youth Alliance Southeast Europe. The purpose of the office was to help facilitate the membership and Chapter growth in Europe. Together with the sub-regional office, WYA Europe started a multi platform implementation of the Training of Trainers (TOT) program, with the purpose of equipping the existing and new Chapters with their own Trainers.

WYA’s TOT program is a high-level professional training program for qualified Certified Members who will be providing training and mentorship to WYA Members on the Certified Training Program. Potential TOT Trainees are invited by the WYA President or their Regional Director to undergo the TOT based on their CTP score, understanding of WYA ideas, and teaching ability. The Training is provided by the Regional Office staff, in an online and offline form, as well as within the Internship program.

“The Training of Trainers was a valuable training. It went more in depth on the key ideas regarding the fundamentals of human dignity. Revisiting each chapter and keeping in mind real scenarios with trainees provided a more profound understanding of diverse situations that could happen. During the training, the class simulation and coverage of possible discussions and questions really made me more confident to handle a real CTP Training.” (Megi, WYA Albania)

Understanding the nature of a human person seems to be a core point of many contemporary debates. CPT texts provided me with many important insights on this, which I could later analyze in essays and receive a valuable feedback from the Trainer. The CTP has also truly deepen my knowledge of ideas such as freedom, solidarity, or culture and helped me to identify a concrete basis for defending human dignity.“ (Ewa, WYA Poland)

In 2019, WYA Europe delivered its Training of Trainers program to 25 new Trainers in 10 European WYA Chapters: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands, and Poland. The new trainers have already started teaching the CTP in their respective Chapters, improving the growth of WYA membership across Europe.

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