WYA Europe holds a CTP training in Sarajevo

From April 3 to April 8, 2018, World Youth Alliance (WYA) Europe Regional Director, Hrvoje Vargić, and Reginal Director of Operations, Anita Dekanić, visited the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo – in order to train new WYA members.

The training was organized by the initiative of a group of young people who wanted to know more about how they can engage in WYA’s mission.

Throughout the week, the participants learned about WYA’s foundational history, the WYA values and mission. Through the CTP, participants had a chance to read and discuss complex philosophical, historical, and political explanations of Human Dignity, Freedom, Solidarity, Culture and History of Ideas. They were also given the training on WYA’s Advocacy work in Europe, HDC, and FEMM programs, as well as the work of WYA Chapters on the national and local level.

The certifications are scheduled on April 26, after which all certified members will start with the activities for the WYA Bosnia and Herzegovina Chapter.