WYA Europe holds CTP Trainers Training in Pamplona

28 OCTOBER 2018, PAMPLONA, SPAIN – Francesco Carboni, Regional Advocacy Fellow, and Antoine Mellado, former Director for Advocacy, delivered a three-day intensive course in Pamplona, Spain. The aim of this trip was to train young students on how to teach our Certified Training Program (CTP).

The Certified Training Program is a collection of philosophical, historical and modern texts that constitute the premises to defend Human Dignity on the public square, and gives the base platform on which WYA has built its vision and mission.

The participants – all coming from the University of Pamplona – had the possibility of discussing a wide range of issues related to Human Dignity. Particular attention was given to the role of art and culture in communicating men’s intrinsic value and on the international legal framework regarding topics like abortion, human rights, and reproductive health. A general insight was also given on project management, social media marketing and group identity. Topics discussed also included how to lead group discussions with practical exercises – all in preparation of certifying them as CTP teachers.

The participants were highly prepared, interested and enthusiastic to continue WYA’s work in Pamplona. As the World Youth Alliance, we are glad to welcome the new trainers, and look forward to their first CTP course that will start on the 14th of January 2019. All local young people are welcome to participate. To apply, fill out this form.