WYA Europe holds CTP training, opens Chapter in Slovakia

From 16th to 21st of July, the Europe Director of Partnerships, Hrvoje Vargić and the incoming WYA Southeast Europe Director, Kristina Samardžić held the Certified Training Program (CTP) in Bratislava (Slovakia). 14 attendees participated in all five days of the training sessions with the aim of opening a new chapter in Slovakia.

Participants attended seven CTP chapters (WYA’s Foundational history, Human Dignity, Culture, Solidarity, History of ideas, International law and Human Rights) and gained basic knowledge of the WYA vision and mission, working principles, and the definition of a community of friends.

In order to better understand the vision and goals of WYA, the attendees also went through additional workshops: WYA Advocacy in Europe, FEMM and HDC workshop, a Surrogacy presentation and workshops on International Law with examples from Sexual and Reproductive Health. The further possibilities for the Chapter were also presented to the participants and the first plans for the activities of the Chapter were made.

Despite the demanding texts and the intensive schedule, we are happy to have all the attendees undertake the final certification in early August. All participants were very motivated to work and expand the mission and vision of WYA and take the necessary steps to open a new Slovakia Chapter.

Kristina Samardžić, the incoming WYA Southeast Europe Director, for whom this was the first International CTP training she held, said: “After 4 years of volunteering in WYA, this once again proved to me what is so powerful and different in WYA, which always brings new members to our WYA community.”

We look forward to all the new successes of our members in Slovakia!