WYA Europe Hosts Introductory Session, Launches Chapter in Rome

WYA Europe Regional Director presenting WYA in Rome

On Sunday, May 28, 2017,  the World Youth Alliance Europe hosted an introductory session to present WYA in Rome. The purpose was to invite the interested youth and WYA friends, in order to launch a Chapter and present the first activities in Rome.

The event was held under the title “Youth for Human Dignity” (ita. Giovani per la Dignitá Umana) in the cultural meeting place il Baffo della Gioconda in Rome’s Zona San Lorenzo. As a speaker, WYA Europe Regional Director Hrvoje Vargić presented WYA and its activities to the gathered crowd, highlighting the importance of local Chapters for changing the culture from the bottom up.

WYAE Director of Advocacy Antoine Mellado followed explaining the political structures in Europe and the ways in which WYA promotes human dignity in European institutions. “In advocacy, we often find ourselves in front of a big wave of adversities, which can sometimes discourage and demotivate us. For this reason, WYA is creating a new, and even bigger wave of future leaders who live and promote human dignity. Our Chapters are indispensable in this process of a long-term advocacy,” he added.

Adit Barbullushi, WYA Italia Chapter leader explaining the future activities of the Chapter

In the end, WYA Italia Chapter leader Adit Barbullushi presented the plan of the activities for the Chapter until the end of the year. She explained that the members will start with the discussions in WYA’s Certified Training Program, following with the conference in October in collaboration with the University of Sapienza. “By the end of the year we want to finish the formal registration of an NGO and start to apply for European grants. We want to professionalize the Chapter as soon as possible to increase the quality of our projects and activities, and to achieve long-term sustainability,” Adit concluded.

WYA is looking forward to the promising events currently happening in Italy. We will continue to work hard to bring WYA’s Mission and ideals to more and more youth throughout the world.