WYA Europe hosts successful 2nd European Arts Forum | WYAE Newsletter May-Aug 2016

Jan-Mar 2016

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WYA Europe hosts successful 2nd European Arts Forum


The 2nd European Arts Forum was held from June 25-27, 2016 in Brussels. It gathered more than one hundred artists, art-enthusiasts, scholars, academics and decision-makers under the theme ‘Art and Culture: Learning how to see again’.

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WYA Croatia strengthens programs, receives recognition
WYA Croatia


The WYA Croatia Chapter has lately been doing a lot to expand WYA’s mission. In the last two months, the Chapter developed strategies and projects aimed at national pro-birth policy and creating a supportive environment for young families in Croatia.

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WYA Europe members join 2016 Summer Camp in New York
2016 ISC

News Article

On July 15, 2016, 22 smiling and eager young people arrived in New York City’s airports for 9th Annual World Youth Alliance International Summer Camp. They arrived from the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and North America.

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Over 2,300 WYD Pilgrims join WYA in Poland


From July 25 to 31, a World Youth Alliance (WYA) delegation attended the weeklong World Youth Day (WYD) event in Krakow, Poland to meet with WYA members and chapters and to invite WYD pilgrims to become WYA members.

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Upcoming Events and Programs


WYA Europe will be hosting the 2016 Emerging Leaders Conference from November 27-30, 2016. The ELC is an annual regional event which seeks to bring together critical thinkers to examine issues and to provide young leaders with special training on programs in those areas to give them the adequate tools to make a difference back in their countries.

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WYA’s Certified Training Program (CTP), also known as Track A, is the collection of texts that provide the philosophical underpinnings for the mission of WYA. It presents a summary of philosophical, historical, and modern day texts that focus on the dignity of the person and human rights. Those who complete CTP are equipped to articulate and defend the principles of the dignity of the person within the public square. The training is done online.

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On the importance of leisure


“We work so we can have leisure”, wrote Greek philosopher Aristotle, in one of his most important works “Nicomachean Ethics”. On the other hand, the prevailing philosophy of the modern world, in which actions which don’t give us immediate results are considered more or less meaningless, is “We have leisure so we can continue with work”, thus completely opposite of Aristotle. The question that arises is who is right, Aristotle or the modern world.

Education to build Security and Cohesion

Antoine Mellado during the conference

On June 29, the WYA Europe team participated in a special event in the European Parliament hosted by the Member of the European Parliament, Flavio Zanonato and Silvia Costa from the Socialist and Democrats party.

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