WYA Europe in Luxembourg, ‘What is at Stake in the European Elections’


With the European elections just around the corner, Daniel Wisniewski addressed a group of 50 people at 
TheoBar in Luxembourg on Wednesday, 21 May at the Brasserie du Cercle (Place d’Armes – 2, Rue Genistre, L-1623 Luxembourg) on "What’s at Stake in the European Elections."

As the European Parliament grows in power and influence, what happens in Brussels has a greater impact on the lives of families and individuals than ever before. He addressed the question, as tax payers what do we need to know to protect ourselves and our families? What role does our heritage play in the debates surrounding Europe’s most pressing concerns? 

Looking back at recent legislation at the EU including the Estrela Report on Sexual Education and Reproductive Health,  and at the policy circle, Mr. Wisniewski encouraged people to understand that their vote is really about ensuring that their money is spent in such a way that the intrinsic dignity of the human person is protected. He highlighted the One of Us Citizens Initative as a positve measure at the European Union, and stressed that the World Youth Alliance will be working with other civil society organizations to monitor the EU budget, and to promote legislation that respects the principle of subsidiarity, and includes language that supports and promotes the family in the EU.