WYA Europe Kicks-off in Leuven, Belgium

On Friday, March 9, 2018, World Youth Alliance (WYA) Europe Regional Director, Hrvoje Vargić, was invited for a first meeting with students and youth interested in WYA’s activities in Leuven, Belgium.

The meeting was initiated by a group of students who wanted to know more about how they can engage in WYA’s mission in their country. WYA Europe Regional Director (RD) gave a talk and presentation on WYA’s History and Work, the mission it pursues, and the programs that it implements– such as Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC), Fertility Education & Medical Management (FEMM) and Certified Training Program (CTP). The RD also presented the work of Chapters and the possibilities of engaging in the work of WYA.

“The thing that fascinated me for a long time about WYA Europe office in Brussels is that we were always very international, hosting members from all over Europe, organizing trainings and coordinated Chapters in different countries, but we never had a strong presence in Belgium where we were located. This is definitely the field where we should improve and that’s why I am very happy about this kick-off in Leuven”, said Hrvoje Vargić.

After the initial meeting, WYA Europe will organize the first trainings for the interested students and youth from Belgium, after which the Chapter will be officially launched.