WYA Europe launches European Program for Cultural Excellence in Spain

WYA Europe Director of Advocacy Antonio Mellado represented WYA Europe during the opening of the sculptural exhibition Triste Figura, honoring the 400th anniversary of El Quijote. The exhibition was the first cultural activity within the European Program for Cultural Excellence and was attended by students and young professionals from the City of Sevilla in Spain.

All the sculptures were inspired by El Quijote, a famous book written by Miguel de Cervantes. The exhibition highlighted the unstoppable struggle of his hero to stand for the right cause, whatever the cost. He never gave up defending the truth, beauty and good against all the magicians and black knights that could try to stop him from doing his duty.

The European Program for Cultural Excellence was launched by World Youth Alliance Europe in collaboration with Loving Art, a Spanish Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that aims to promote young artists from Andalucía, Spain. Through the cultural program, WYA Europe and Loving Art aim to help and empower young artists and art lovers in their quest for truth and beauty and to encourage them to harness their skills to promote and defend human dignity.

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Through the European Program for Cultural Excellence, young artists and art enthusiasts will be introduced to sculpture, painting, photography, dancing, classical music and much more. In addition, the program will also help in the promotion of the works of the young artists  through an opportunity to exhibit their works side by the side the famous art works of renowned artists in their field. All European Program for Cultural Excellence participants will also be invited to participate or exhibit their works in Brussels during the third edition of the European Arts Forum.

“WYA Europe is grateful to be part of this new cultural initiative and wishes to thank Loving Art and all of the participants. WYA Europe will expand the program to more countries in the region. The commemoration of Quijote in Sevilla was an inspirational moment for the WYA, which felt empowered by the great Spanish knight who resisted down to his last breath standing for what is good, true, and beautiful,” Antonio Mellado shares.

To read the Spanish newspaper article about the exhibition, you may click here.