WYA Europe Launches France Chapter, Introduces New Chapter Leaders

Myriam Audras and Jacquelin Kaufmann, new WYA France Chapter leaders

February 28, 2019, Paris – WYA Europe announced the opening of the new Chapter in France. WYA France will be the 15th WYA Chapter in Europe and will start with its first activities on March 2019.

The opening of the Chapter comes from the initiative of former WYA Europe interns Myriam Aduras and Jacqualin Kaufmann, who interned in Brussels in 2017 and were working on advocacy, the organization of World Down Syndrome Day campaign, and European Arts Forum 2017.

In 2018, they started to discuss the possibility of opening the Chapter in France with the WYA Regional staff in Brussels and finally now the idea came to fruition.

“It was very motivating to see the authentic desire and the determination in Myriam and Jacques to stay committed to WYA’s Mission and start a Chapter in France, even if more than a year and a half passed since their internship. This commitment to the joint mission, I would say, was decisive and made all other steps easy. We are currently finalizing the registration of WYA France as a non-profit organization, we are planning the first CTP and soon we’ll start preparing the first grant applications for the EU Commission. The future of WYA in France looks promising”, said Hrvoje Vargić, WYA Europe Director of Partnerships.

On this occasion, we also asked Myriam what motivated her to start a Chapter. She told us: “Awhile ago, I had the great opportunity to do a 6-month internship at WYAE regional office as the last step of my Master 2 in International Relations and Political Sciences. I immediately fit in within the NGO and with its members. For the first time, I was working with people who had faith in young people and their capacities and who deeply care about individuals.

Quickly I was given many responsibilities and, thanks to those responsibilities and the staff members who were always eager to teach me about the World Youth Alliance work, I knew that I wanted my future to be close to the NGO’s. At the end of my internship, when WYAE told me about the Chapter, I thought that in another time of my life I would have loved the idea but I was not ready. Today, after many working experiences, I know for sure that WYAE is the place where I was the most satisfied professionally and personally. I deeply want to get back to this.”

She also shared with us a few thoughts about the future of WYA France: “I think the timing for opening a chapter in France is perfect. (The) youth is facing hard times. We see more and more young people with many questions, who are not searching for the usual answers they get in their everyday life but for a different approach. This is what the World Youth Alliance does, it gives young people the material for them to answer their own questions and more importantly, always respecting the dignity of the human being in his intrinsic definition. I am really excited about the Chapter. I consider it as my luck to start at 24 years old a “Human” and professional adventure in favor of the Common Good.”

WYA France will soon start promoting its activities via social media and the WYA website. To keep in touch with the developments with WYA France, you can follow the WYA Europe Facebook page.