WYA Europe Launches the Advocacy Academy

June 19, 2020 – World Youth Alliance Europe has officially launched the pilot of the WYA Advocacy Academy, a “training program designed to educate active and certified WYA members on current global policy debates and equip them with the knowledge to develop person-centered responses.”

The WYA Advocacy Academy aims to empower young people to actively participate in the democratic life of their respective countries and educate young people in advocating measures and policies that are of interest to them and to the wider community. Students of the program will learn more about today’s most significant topics in global policy discussions and in key international proposals. Classes are designed to equip participants with the knowledge of institutions and laws that will equip them to develop policies that are effective and appropriate to their national and local contexts. 

There are 16 selected participants for the pilot batch, representing a total of 16 countries. During the Advocacy Academy training program, these WYA members will study the WYA White Papers, which are reports which examine complex issues, explain WYA’s positions in response to current global debates, and address the most significant topics in global policy discussions and in key international proposals.

The topics of the WYA White Papers are Reproductive Health and Maternal Health, FEMM and Family Planning, Sustainable Development and EU Development Aid, HIV/AIDs and Comprehensive Sex Ed, Surrogacy, and Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia. The WYA members who form part of this pilot program will also undergo examinations for each of the seven complete sessions and a final Advocacy Exam for the entire program. 

Through this program, WYA hopes to encourage young people to participate in the decision-making process and to let them know that their experience and knowledge are essential in overall social well-being. Young people also have a responsibility to participate in social processes and need to be provided with the knowledge to do it well and successfully.