WYA Europe Regional Director speaks at “Choose Life” forum in Slovakia

On March 23 and 24, WYA Europe Regional Director Hrvoje Vargić was invited to speak at the forum “Choose Life” in Slovakia. This was the 20th edition of the annual forum aimed at addressing different issues connected to the protection of life in Slovakia and worldwide.

Hrvoje gave a talk on the topic “Protection of life in the EU”, explaining different policy issues being currently on the agenda in European institutions. He also stressed that policy functions as a cycle, where programs implemented on the ground serve as the basis for drafting policies, and policies drive funding which is again being directed to the program implementation. “WYA wants to enter this cycle in any of the program-policy-funding areas. This is also the reason why programs such as HDC and FEMM proved as essential in providing the alternative to the existing policy agenda”, said Hrvoje.

Participation in this forum serves as the prelude in organizing the Certified Training Program (CTP) in Slovakia in July for the group of youth interested in opening a WYA Chapter in their country.