WYA Europe Responds to European Commission’s Social Protection in EU Development Cooperation Communication

WYA Europe responded this week to a public consultation launched by the European Commission for the preparation of a Commission Communication on Social Protection in European Union Development Cooperation.

Among the questions asked, we paid particular attention to those related to the driving principles behind EU policies, insisting on the need to respect countries needs and approaches to social protection (i.e. on reproductive health and family planning). In line with the position outlined in WYA’s recently published Reproductive Health White Paper, as well as our multiple efforts in promoting and defending freedom of conscience, we emphasize that “The European Commission in its Communication on ‘Social Protection in EU Development Cooperation’ and recipient countries in their local policies are neither obliged to include a right to reproductive health nor required to promote a definite method of family planning.”

To read WYA Europe’s contribution to the European Commission’s consultation, please click here.