WYA Europe welcomes 19 new trainers, holds online trainings in 12 chapters

April-May, 2020, Europe – World Youth Alliance (WYA) Europe held an online training for 19 new CTP trainers and engaged WYA Chapters across the region to hold the Certified Training Program online.

Despite the global lockdown, the regional office of WYA Europe, together with all the other WYA regional offices, has had a productive start into the second quarter of the year, with all of the regular activities being moved online. Along with these were the Training of Trainers (TOT) and the Certified Training Program (CTP).

TOT is an advanced training that WYA gives to its advanced members who are eligible and willing to become trainers in the CTP. Similar to CTP, TOT is usually held in person, individually or in groups. For the past two months, however, both training programs had to be held in an online mode. A surprisingly high turnout in the TOT led to 19 new CTP trainers in the region, strengthening the training capacity in 7 WYA chapters across the continent: Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and the United Kingdom.

In addition to the TOT, WYA Europe started a special online batch of the CTP as well. The program is currently being implemented at the regional level, as well as in the following WYA chapter: WYA Albania, WYA Austria, WYA Bosnia and Herzegovina, WYA Croatia, WYA Poland, WYA Romania, WYA Slovakia, and WYA Slovenia. Combined with the TOT, WYA Europe and WYA national chapters together have managed to engage around 200 young people in online trainings across the region.

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