WYA Featured in Arizona State University Paper

On November 27, 2012, the World Youth Alliance North America team was featured in The State Press, an independent, student-operated newspaper of Arizona State University.

Through an invitation from UCP-SARnet, which is led by Dr. Marek Wosinski, the WYA North America team addressed an audience of forty students and community members at the Memorial Union on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University.

The State Press article highlighted WYA’s person-centered approach to sustainable development which calls for a reevaluation of the international community’s understanding of population and sustainable development. The presentation conveyed how the current discourse has ignored the real needs of development, such as good governance, clean water, infrastructure, housing, sanitation, and health care.

The presentation emphasized that we must see the human person as the world’s greatest resource, rather than a burden.

Arizona State University is only one of three other academic institutions the WYA North America team engaged during their visit. They also addressed an audience of forty at Chandler Community College, and 500 students at Highland High School. From these talks, the team has raised 300 new members, and built relationships with various professors in the field of Sustainable Development.

These membership drives and series of lectures were made possible through WYA Africa member, Osee Romeo.

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